Kelly Jacobi Photography Client Reviews

Chris Y.

"Some call it taking pictures. With Kelly it's so much more. She captures memories and tells stories. She has a passion that comes through her lens. Kelly has been taking photos of my family for years. She's taken family photos, portraits of my boys, my dogs and boudoir. I have NEVER been disappointed. I've always thought that pictures never tell the whole story or never capture the feeling of the moment the way you want to remember it. Kelly has shown me otherwise! Her photos have become family heirlooms for me and I look forward to capturing many more memories with her in the future!"

Amber B.

"I cannot thank you enough for your time and this gift to our family."

Ben G. 

"We want to thank you ever so much in all of your preparation and photograph greatness on our wedding day. So many memories that will be shared for many years to come, captured. For that, our thanks so much."