What makes my sessions different from others you may have had?

I offer two "types" of sessions: Portrait sessions and lifestyle sessions. I approach both of these sessions different than many other photographers. My focus is honest emotions and connections. These are not your typical photo sessions. Read more below to find out what makes a session with Kelly Jacobi Photography different. 

Portrait Session vs Lifestyle Session: Which is right for you?

Portrait Sessions: These portrait sessions have a taste of traditional portraits but these are not the photo sessions you may be used to! These are actually fun! There is no rigid poses and forced smiles. No need to bribe the children and plead for "cheeeese".  No need for stiff couples looking like they just met. We literally play and chat through this session. Everything I do while we are together is to set the stage for a place where you forget about my camera and instead focus on interacting with your loved ones. The real smiles and emotions come naturally and you can tell in the photos. My approach is all about real moments. I focus on the joy, love, and connection you have. This is honesty and love. 


Lifestyle Sessions: These lifestyle sessions have no posing. The focus of these lifestyle sessions are about capturing life as it is, right now. The everyday is beautiful! You don't need a house straight out of Pinterest. You don't need to dress up. How many of your favorite memories begin with "Remember when..." These sessions capture THAT in the now! Remember when you made pancakes every Saturday morning? Remember when your little one wouldn't leave the house if not in costume? Remember when you had three little ones under the age of 5 and life was crazy? These sessions can be done in home or on the go at your favorite places. These are the real moments you'll be so happy to have at your fingertips in years to come!