Workshop Announcment - "Outside the Lines: An Artist's Guide to Rule Breaking and Creative Insight"

I am so excited to have teamed up with Beyond the Wanderlust to bring you my workshop, “Outside the Lines: An Artist's Guide to Rule Breaking and Creative Insight.”

I see photography as a wonderful journey that allows us to not only create art but to peel back our layers; to learn more about ourselves so we can push ourselves further than we ever thought we could. I created this workshop to do just that, to help you find your path that is outside the lines. One that is uniquely yours and will set you on a path of creativity by breaking the rules and pushing boundaries.

If you have creative goals this year, want to push yourself, learn new techniques, or are looking for the confidence to follow your heart - this is the workshop for you!!

January 31st until February 9th the workshop is live and on sale for $35! 

You'll receive: 
-134 page handbook, 2 behind the scenes editing videos, 3 free presets, 1 Lightroom collage template, and an exclusive 35% discount to Canvas HQ. Plus, a live chat at the end of the sale and a private Facebook group to keep the creativity flowing...(After the live run it will move into the shop at full price.)

Link to workshop:


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