February | 10 on 10

I had to many recent favorites to narrow down what I would use for this months 10 on 10. So here I go again, breaking the "rules".

I wanted to share the (rare) recent snowfall we got here in the South. 

Remember my last 10 on 10? We were hiking in our shorts in January here. Well when snow started to fall, to say my boys were excited would be an understatement! There were two different days of snow. The first was just a tease, a light snow that was melting before it hit the ground. The next, about a week later, was the real deal. But just two days later it was already melting.

I decided to use all three for my 10 on 10 this month. I just couldn't resist the excitement and light that each had!

Make sure to follow the circle to Janet of Janet Crouch Photography's post to see what she has in store for you!

Kelly JacobiComment