Before and Afters with a Tutorial: Window Light

I love seeing before and afters! I think it is such an incredible thing to be able to see the visualization process from another person's perspective.

This was from a recent set of photos I did with my youngest son. I saw the way the light was softly coming in one of my favorite windows in our home and knew I wanted to grab a few shots.  


I only had the blinds open halfway to control the light. I set his chair about a foot and a half away from the window and slightly back so it wasn't perpendicular, I wanted the light to wrap around him just a little more than if he was at a 90 degree angle to the window. This was soft, diffused light being this is North facing window and it was about 2pm so the sun was still mostly over the house. I made sure all the other blinds behind him and behind me were shut so this was the only light source. 

I shot this was my Fuji XE-2 and 27mm lens. On my Nikon I am in the habit of using mostly Kelvin these days for white balance but on my Fuji I leave it on auto white balance. And I almost always underexpose by a few stops because I love the contrast and light fall off it helps create straight out of camera. 

I knew I wanted to edit these mostly in black and white because of how dramatic the light fall off was. Also a deep black and white with lots of contrast really matched and added to the mood of the image.

And there you have it! How I took a quick 5 minute shoot by the window and saw my vision through to the end!

Kelly JacobiComment