Behind the Scenes: Photographing the Kids Outside in the Morning

One of the projects I am working on is a "One Second Everyday" video compilation. We were up at the crack of dawn this day, like usual, and the kids wanted to play outside right after breakfast so we headed over to the empty lot next door. I knew I wanted this to be part of my video of the day so I started recording. Even though I only need a very short video clip for my project sometimes I keep recording them doing what they do because I remember how much I love looking back on family videos of our everyday. 

It was maybe 7am so there was this really beautiful morning light streaming still a bit low in the sky compared to mid-day, and the way it was coming over the trees made for some great shadows and dappled light as well. I of course had my camera out with us and had already adjusted my settings and snapped a few. But they were playing so nice I didn't want to stop recording to snap some I did both.

As I was editing these I thought it might be fun to give a little glimpse into what it looks like while I shoot or what the scene looked like in comparison to what I chose to capture. Now this was my first time doing this and I originally hadn't planned on sharing so bare with me.  

For the most part, when they play like this and I am shooting to document, I am quietly observing. When the kids engage me I will interact. I stopped recording but as they continued to play I began to encourage my son to throw the dust and run like he was running so fast it made a huge track because I knew I wanted to play with a slow shutter speed to mix things up. When I do another video I'll keep a behind the scenes in mind so you can see how I balance being the quiet observer, an engaged and playful mother, and an artist creating all at the same time.


Enjoy and feel free to ask questions here or on my Facebook page!

The final photos: